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 ✅ The recency, frequency, and monetary model lets #eCommerce companies identify and market to specific consumer groups based on their transactional behaviour.

📌 The recency, frequency, and monetary-value model (RFM) gives merchants the ability to create segments around each customer’s #shopping behaviour.

1️⃣ Recency

The RFM model begins with “recency,” when a customer has last purchased from your business.

💰💰 The more recently a customer has made a purchase with a brand, the more likely s/he will keep the brand in mind.

👉 Establish what “recent” means to your #onlinestore.

📌 For example, you might create these recency groups:

0 to 30 days,

31 to 90 days,

91 to 180 days,

181 to 365 days,

More than 365 days.

2️⃣ Frequency 👉

“Frequency” in the RFM model refers to how often a specific customer purchases from your business.

✅ For example, an online store selling daily groceries might routinely make weekly #sales to the same customers.

3️⃣ Monetary Value

👉 For the monetary-value category, you might use the lifetime value (#LTV) of a customer, a customer’s average order value, or what a customer has spent in the past year.

🚀🚀 RFM model is a powerful tool for #marketing segmentation and #performance.