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Empowering Fitness Fashion: Gymwear Movement's Journey to Scaling Success

We helped Gymwear Movement with several challenges, including a low understanding of their ideal customer profile (ICP), high customer acquisition costs (CAC), low order volume and revenue, and an unstructured growth engine.


Increase in Revenue


MoM Growth in Traffic


MoM reduction in CAC

Who is Gymwear Movement?

Gymwear Movement is an e-commerce brand specializing in fitness apparel.

They offer a range of high-quality gym wear and activewear designed to provide comfort, style, and performance for fitness enthusiasts.

With a focus on delivering trendy and functional workout apparel, Gymwear Movement aims to inspire individuals to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Gymwear Movement is dedicated to empowering women to look and feel their best during their fitness journey.

The Challenge

  • Low Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Gymwear Movement faced difficulties in generating a satisfactory return on their advertising investment, resulting in inefficient marketing campaigns and limited revenue growth.

  • Customer Acquisition: The company struggled with acquiring new customers and expanding its customer base. This challenge affected their ability to reach a wider audience and increase their market share.

  • Expansion into Malaysia, Brunei, and Hong Kong: Gymwear Movement aimed to expand its operations and establish a presence in new markets. However, they faced obstacles in successfully entering and penetrating these markets, hindering their growth potential in these regions.


To overcome these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive growth strategy for Gymwear Movement.

We began by conducting in-depth market research and customer profiling to gain a deep understanding of their target audience. This allowed us to refine their ICP and develop highly targeted marketing campaigns. We optimized their customer acquisition funnel and implemented data tracking and analytics to gain valuable insights into user behavior and campaign performance.

Through strategic digital marketing initiatives, we focused on increasing brand visibility, improving conversion rates, and expanding their reach to new markets.


Increase in Revenue


MoM Growth in Traffic


Average MoM Reduction in CAC

Services Provided

    • Product-led growth strategy

    • Launch plan

    • PR strategy guidance

    • Paid performance (Social, SEM)

    • Content Strategy & SEO
    • Conversion rate optimization

    • Audience hyper-targeting

    • Email & push notification marketing

    • Design, UX, and copywriting


1. Low Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Our approach to addressing the challenge of low ROAS involved optimizing ad campaigns, improving conversion rates, and refining bidding strategies. Through thorough data analysis, we identified underperforming campaigns, keywords, and audience segments. By optimizing ad targeting, creatives, and messaging, we significantly increased ROAS, maximizing the return on Gymwear Movement’s advertising investment.

2. To overcome the struggle with acquiring new customers and expanding the customer base, we developed highly targeted campaigns tailored to specific customer segments. By leveraging various digital marketing channels and platforms, we effectively communicated the unique value proposition of Gymwear Movement. Our customer retention strategies, such as loyalty programs and personalized marketing, nurtured existing customers and drove repeat purchases, resulting in steady growth and expanded market presence.


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